Q: Are these WordPress Web Sites?

A: Yes they are.

Q: Can I host the sites for free or put them on sites like Blogger

A: No, these are ‘self-hosted’ WP site. You will need a hosting account such as Hostgator and a domain name purchased from a domain registrar like Godaddy.

There are some ‘free’ hosting suppliers but these are definitely NOT recommended. Generally they will suffer from poor performance, may not be up to date or handle WordPress very well. They are also likely to go out of buisness with zero notice which means your site will disappear.

Q: Exactly what licence do I get with these web sites.

A: You get a PLR , Personal Use and a Flipping licence.

That means you can install the web site on your own hosting and you can edit, delete and add to the site as you wish. You can also ‘flip’ (sell to a paying client) the entire site (including domain name) or sell complete sites via Flippa or other sales sites. You can only pass on Personal Use licence.

You can also install on a paid clients hosting and pass on personal use licence to that client.

You CANNOT resell or give away the downloadable source files.

Q: How long will it take to install the new web site

A: Your web host control panel (cPanel) should have the capability to auto-install; a new free WordPress installation. This takes about 5 minutes. You then install a free plugin (2 minutes) which is used to import the download blog files which takes 5-10 minutes.

Basic configuration (affiliate links, site rename, edit emails etc.) will take another 15 minutes or so depending on experience.

These times may vary depending on your particular computer and internet download speed.

Q: I am a complete newbie. Can I really do this?

A: Yes of course, everything has been made a simple as possible and everything you need to do is fully documented and explained. If you are brand new there may be some foundation learning you will need to do and of course it will take a little longer to install and configure the site etc.

Everyone has to start somewhere and there is only a learning curve but this is one of the very easiest ways to get your own web site online.

Q: I don’t have a PayPal account. Can I still purchase a web site.

A: Yes you can. This site takes credit and debit card payments via our PayPal portal. At the checkout select the ‘Pay By Credit Card” option.

Q: Can I get some to install the web sites for me?

A: Although we do not current offer an installation service you will find plenty of gigs on Fiverr that will do that for you. There are lots of WordPress experts on Fiverr. Find an ‘Install WordPress’ Gig and ask them if they install your PLR blog. Or you can request that service by filling in the form at https://www.fiverr.com/users/fiverr/manage_requests/new?from_hp=true

You will need to login (or create a free fiverr account) to get access to the form.

Q: Wont my site look like everyone else’s site?

A: When you first install you WordPress niche site it will be the same as everyone else who purchases the same site. However this is just the start of your online adventure. These sites are simply designed to get you up and running easily and quickly. Just getting a web site up and running will put you ahead of 75% of newbie internet marketers.

Firstly you can change the look and feel of the site by changing the colors, slider images. Site name etc. Then you can start adding your own posts, images and videos. This is how your site will be truly unique to you.

Q: How soon will my site make money?

A: That’s like how long is a piece of string. Getting your site up and running is part one of your business. Part 2 is to drive traffic to your site. There are literal hundreds of ways to drive traffic to your site. Some free, some paid. What you use may be partly decided by your budget.

Currently the best free traffic comes from social media especially Facebook. We recommend creating a Facebook Fanpage for your web site or niche and building a fanbase via posting and paid post promotions (low cost about $5 a post for a few thousand interactions).

Using SEO to rank buyer keywords is also an option but generally this will take time.

Using paid traffic methods will obviously bring traffic more quickly and generate sales more quickly as well.