Facebook Traffic Grow Your Fanbase

 Drive Traffic And Make Moolah With FanPages

FaceBook Fan Pages are designed especially for promoting businesses, products and brands. They are a great vehicle to drive traffic to your web site or products. With a huge fan-base you can liberally drive traffic at will and for free. But to get to that position you must first grow your fan-base. This is actually easier than it sounds but does take a small amount of money.

Yes you can grow your fan-base for free but that takes time and time id money right?.. sop dig deep and find a few dollars that will ramp up your business.

In this post I’m going to tell you how to get more likes to your Facebook fanpages, get more shares, optimize your ads, increase your engagement, and grow your fan base, and even monetize your fanpages.
I won’t waste your time with a bunch of fluff. Nor will I make this an A-Z comprehensive course on all things Facebook or internet marketing. I’m just going to show you the quickest way I’ve learned to start and optimize your Facebook campaigns to grow your fan base quickly. I’m going to show you how to legally steal, uh acquire, fans for your fanpages.

Also, this not about buying Facebook likes from fake accounts, or buying spammy fiverr comments. I’ve tried some of that in that past, and I don’t recommend it; and besides, you won’t get good results doing that now, and may just get your fanpage or account shut down by Facebook. I’m only going to show you real organic methods which are Facebook approved, and work today. And should work long into the future, because these techniques are not loopholes or ways to trick Facebook, but are proven methods which use Facebook the right way. We’re just being ‘smart’ about how we do it.

First, you need a Facebook account. Second you need a relevant fanpage. Then you need a credit card you can use to buy some Facebook ads. Next I recommend a relevant website to further capture leads and build an email list; but this is not mandatory. You can make money just using Facebook itself to promote affiliate, Clickbank, even CPA offers if you do it right. And the key is building your targeted fan base first.

Facebook wants you to spend money as an advertiser on their network. They also want you to create relevant engaging content for your fans and to attract new fans. If you do that, then they aren’t going to penalize you, as long as you’re not promoting bad stuff or illegal material. So I’m not even going to discuss adult, gambling, or unlawful niches. I hope you’re interested in promoting real products and services to real buyers, because that’s the assumption I’ll be using to discuss the methods below.
Now, the biggest mistake I’ve made, and I see others making too, is that it’s easy to get excited about using Facebook to drive/create traffic to money-making offers, and so you may just jump in and spend money on ads which don’t get results. And the main reason is that you haven’t properly identified your audience, understand your audience, and therefore can’t really optimized your ad campaigns.

I don’t care what you’re interested in, as long as it’s not really really really weird, then there’s plenty of other people out there that are interested in that too. And, for sure, they’re on Facebook. So you can find them.
Let’s get started. First you must correctly identify your audience. For example, if you want to promote baby products, then you must realize that men typically don’t buy baby products, women do. This should be obvious to you; but, specifically identifying what kind of women buy these products is the key. Are they expecting moms, stay-at-home moms, working
mothers, or even grandmothers? Do they also have other kids? Are they single moms who are busy and don’t have much time to research products? Are they young, first-time moms? Or, are they older moms buying gifts for their friends or daughters about to give birth? The better you ask specific questions about your audience, the more likely you can target their demographic and get the right followers and fans.

Next, set up a fanpage, because you’ll promote posts and place ads through your fanpage and not your personal account. Next, title your page as closely to this specific target audience based upon their need. For example, a fanpage for first-time moms, or mothers-of-multiples, or busy moms, or mothers of preshoolers, or best gifts for expecting women, or best products for a healthy pregnancy, etc.

Do this exercise for any niche, like hunters, nascar fans, weightloss, music fans, whatever, and it’s basically the same process of asking questions, identifying your specific target niche, and setting up a fanpage relevant to their need. Your fanpage must suggest that you provide solutions right from the start. And your content, that is posts/pics/articles/videos/offers must give the solutions to everyday problems and needs your target audience has. So make sure there’s plenty of products on Amazon and Clickbank which you’ll be able to offer them.
Next, make sure your fanpage has an attractive cover to your target niche. Search Facebook for other fanpages and groups and see what other pages do that have a lot of followers. Then design a header that models those other successful pages. Or hire someone on Fiverr who does nice Facebook headers.

Then, join a few of these other groups. Make a few nice comments and try to engage some in the conversation. You can also send a few of these folks friend requests too. I usually message them first. I’ll say something like “Hey Jill, I really like your post today on the blankblank fanpage. That was funny (or I thought you we’re right on).” Then also send them a friend request. Obviously, you can’t send everyone a friend request, because they have to be distantly connected to you. But that’s ok, you’ll probably find a few. And many times people will accept your friend request, even if they don’t know you, but you were nice and shared a previous conversion with them. These few new friends can be folks you ask later to do you a favor and like your new fanpage you created in that similar niche.

Also, you’ll want to make sure your Facebook profile pic and personal page looks nice too. Don’t be a creep. If you’ve got a lot of weird posts that will scare your target niche away, then spend a few days cleaning that up first, and make 10-20 posts that are nice, funny, related, and non-threatening. Most people will just scroll down through your more recent posts and pictures and likes. If you profile is really weird or way off from your niche, you may need to start a new personal account and build that up a little first. Also like related TV shows, movies, books, fanpages, etc to look like one of them. Again, I think much of this is just common sense, but I have to say it anyway. Just think about real life, you wouldn’t show up to an accountant convention looking like a goth or punk rocker. You’d put on a coat, maybe tie too, dress shoes, and bring business cards. So dress the part, and look the part.

Now, you need to know how to create a Facebook post using a nice graphic image or video. You may have to experiment with this a bit. But you don’t need to experiment with your new niche fanpage. You can use another account or your personal account to experiment. Google Facebook post recommended sizes and get the standard safe dimensions. Images get cropped in Facebook, so know the basic sizes that look good. And keep your text in the image less than 20% of the space, and not too close to the edge so it doesn’t get cut off. I’ll show you a few examples later when discuss the campaigns in more detail. But it’s a good idea to make your posts look similar to your ads/promoted posts, so that they’ll be approved, and you’re also already conditioning your audience to expect this look from you.

If you have Photoshop great, you can save a post or ad size template. If you don’t, then it’s still ok, you can use Gimp for free. Or just use any word processor with a white page background and take a picture of it with a snipping tool. You can even use excel too. I find it has a pretty good text editor and it also layers things easier than Word does. So you can move text over an image easily. Just uncheck the box to remove the gridlines, and you’re good to go. Also you can download OpenOffice for free if you don’t want to use a paid version of Corel or Microsoft. You can also search YouTube for videos on how to create memes without Photoshop, or PNGs using just Word. You’ll find lots of videos showing you simple ways to do it. Or you can use Canva for free or cheap. Or even pay someone on Fiverr to create your post memes, but this can get a little expensive. Again, I learned to use Photoshop, but in the beginning I just used a word processor and a snipping tool to take a picture of the image and save it as a PNG file. You may have to experiment loading up a few PNGs to Facebook to get your method down.

Now, you’ll want to grow your fans. First, start with your existing friends, and especially any new ones you made in other groups or fan pages. Facebook has an option to Invite friends to like your page.
But I don’t like this option, because people get too many such invites and often ignore them. So I recommend you message each friend individually like this:
“Hey Bill, would you do me a quick favor and like my page (insert url to your fanpage). I’d really appreciate this. Thanks so much!”
You’ll get better response and more likes taking the time to send invites individually this way. You may be able to get to 100 likes in a day or two just using this method. And when you get to 100 likes, Facebook turns on more ad features for your account, which you will probably want to use later.

Now we’ll discuss creating an ad. But before you just pay a bunch to Facebook to promote your ad, I recommend thinking about your first few ads a ‘test’ ads. So plan on making a couple different versions and keeping your budget low. Also I recommend starting with your own country and local demographic. Even if you live in Nigeria, and want to target Europe or America for your fanbase, because it’s a different culture, and you probably know you’re own culture best, start with your own cultural backyard while you’re testing. This is easiest and less costly.

Think about your other competitor fanpages. Who are they? What do those fans like? For example, if you’re targeting the expecting mothers niche, you might learn that many of those people ‘like’ the Krazy Coupon Lady. You can find this out when you browse their fanpage likes on their personal Facebook profiles.

So, when you’re choosing the demographics for your Facebook ad, you can choose to target fans of The Krazy Coupon Lady, and promote your ad in front of just her fans. This technique is very powerful. If you think about your audience, you can literally steal fans from other competitors in your niche or hypertarget your ads to people who would be the most engaged. Again this is key. I’ve found that when I took the time to find out what my target audience likes, I get much better ad results when I target a fanpage that they also like.

I wouldn’t worry about adding more interests in the beginning. It can be helpful later, but for now keep it simple. Also, when you add additional interest this lowers your audience count because Facebook understands this to mean you want to target women age 35-59 who like the ‘Krazy Coupon Lady’ and also like ‘Coupon Divas’ and also like ‘Coupons.com’ etc. So the number of women who have liked all three Facebook pages goes down considerably. So, this is a useful feature to target some niches, but not all. I’ve found that just using the local as country or state, age, gender and one fanpage interest works well. You just have to pick the right fanpage.

So, for more examples, let’s take young men who like video games. So, rather than just target fans of MTV (I’m kinda looking old now I know), target men ages 18-24 who like ‘Ghost Recon’ or ‘Diablo.’ Just target fans of one game. That’s it. Or, another example, target men or women who like ‘Nascar.’ Or who like a political or comedy show like ‘Jon Stewart’ or ‘Colbert Report’ or ‘Conan O’Brian.’ So, if you’re wanting more female fans, then target women who like ‘Jon Stewart.’ That’s it. Don’t add Conan or Colbert. Also, I think most women prefer Jon Stewart. Again, this is why you need to know and understand your target audience.

Also, if you know a YouTube channel or internet site where the viewers are a bit smaller and more targeted to your audience, then that’s even better. So if want to target men who like gadgets, you might try using an interest of ‘TechCrunch’ versus ‘Apple,’ because Apple may be too broad, whereas TechCrunch is more narrow to a certain online tech-driven mostly male audience. If you’re targeting people interested in SEO, then you might use the interest of ‘QuickSprout’ or ‘SourcWave.’ See what I mean. People who are really interested in SEO may have liked an SEO gurus fanpage. So find highly targeted fanpages by a guru for your niche, and then use that guru name as the interest category when you created your ad. So you’re telling Facebook to only show your ad to people who liked that guru and this is as specific to their interests as possible.

Here’s a real example of mine. I understand not everyone’s into religion and politics, but I am, so just bear with me. It’s just an illustration, and a very good one to prove how using the right interest category for your targeted audience can greatly help you. And this is how you can learn to steal fans from a gurus fanbase 🙂

One of my fanpages targets the Conservative Christian niche. So I focus on middle-aged men with those views. And in the beginning I tried using interest categories like ‘republican,’ but that was too broad. It wasn’t targeted enough. And my ads didn’t get good click-thru results. Then I tried a guru in that niche Joel Osteen, but again too broad, and not specific enough. But then I saw a preacher on TV named John Hagee talking about politics and Israel. He’s well-known enough to be a category interest in Facebook, but he’s not so big that all kinds of people like him. In fact, he’s very polarizing and a lot of people hate him. So he’s actually perfect for my niche. And this is key for you. Polarizing figures who are both loved by some and hated by others can have very specific and loyal followers. So if you can find an internet show or author or band or political figure etc that exactly matches your target niche, then Facebook has already done all the hard work for you. Then this guru’s fans can become your fans! All you need to do is promote ads to them.

This example can work with lots of niches. Take Forex or Options for example. At first I tried running ads to men interested in just ‘forex.’ And I’d thought using a somewhat sexy girl in the ad would help them click on it. But it didn’t work. I got horrible results.

I don’t think the reason I got only a few click-thrus on the ad was because of the girl in the ad. It was because I was not choosing the right ‘interest’ category. Forex itself is too broad. So, then I found other people with forex related pages, like the ‘Forex Queen,’ and got better results. Even though the Forex Queen is a lady, it didn’t matter, I got better clickthrus to affiliate offers targeting men, and using this same ad above, but now I was just targeting the Forex Queen’s fanbase.

Also, this ad about forex trading with a girl on it is basically an Evergreen ad. I can run it with an offer to a Clickbank forex product all day everyday. But here’s what a lot of internet marketing ‘gurus’ won’t tell you, and I just learned through experience, that this kind of ad/niche is not infinitely scalable. In fact, it may only have a small number of potential candidates when compared to the entire internet blogOsphere. So, realize that if you find an ad that gets you clicks, and say one out of 50 people buy, and that makes you a few bucks; that doesn’t mean you can buy tons more ads and get tons more sales. It doesn’t work that way. It just means you can run a small budget of ads for awhile and make a few hundred bucks. And then you can pause your campaign, and then restart it again later a few months from now and see if you get some more results. Because you can’t keep hitting the same group of a few thousand people and expect them to buy. You’ll loose money eventually. So the answer is to develop more than one niche that you can build fanbases for and then send multiple offers mixed in with content. More on this below.

Also, I’ve slowed down using the older sidebar Ads as much, and mostly just do promoted posts now. The reason is the space is bigger, and seems to work better especially for growing a fanbase which is the focus for this report. Also, for some promoted posts, I send them to a website page of mine, which I then retarget using Perfect Audience. So I’m really enjoying the various ways I can use the newsfeed posts, but again, for this report we’re keeping it short and just focused on growing the fanbase.
So, the best formula for this is to focus on growing your fanbase a large as possible but still keep it tightly targeted in your niche. So realize that depending upon your niche, there’s only so many people you can get in that fanbase right. So build one fanpage first, and keep it going with content and positive cash flow, and then you can add a second fanpage and third, etc. If you do this right your fanpages will be like independent income streams for you. Maybe they’re small amounts individually, but added together it can really be much bigger dollars.

Now here’s my favorite technique for growing a fanbase fast: If you can create an ad to piggyback off a current news story, event, or celebrity gossip, then you’ll typically get better results. I check Google trends and Yahoo trends. I check CNN and Foxnews. Even the Yahoo homepage. I also check a few niche related news/blogs which have all sorts of random but fresh sensational content for ideas. But I mostly like to stick with the top stories in the niche. The reason is that people on Facebook are seeing the buzz in their newsfeed. And current events like the death of Spock Leonard Nimoy or the Super Bowl or Jon Stewart’s new show or Iphone 6 or Oprah’s new diet or Oprah’s new favorite book are stories fresh in people’s minds. So work with the big stories and jump on them fast because people get bored quick. I heard someone say a news story is old in about 4 hours! Can you believe that?! Well, from experience, I’ve had good results with running a promoted post related to a current event or news story up to a 24-48 hours afterwards; but the clickthrus do drop off a lot after the story is 3 or 4 days old.

So here’s a recent example in my Christian/Political niche that worked really well. Prime Minister of Israel Netanyahu spoke before the U.S. Congress. So I created two posts on my fanpage related to that. My goal was just to get likes and shares because I want to build a bigger fanbase.
My first post didn’t do so well:
Without paying anything, after a hour it only had 1 like and 4 shares. Which personally I find a bit weird because normally it would be opposite like 4 likes and 1 share, but anyway it doesn’t really matter. The point is I made this image to try and get people emotionally engaged, and it wasn’t really catching on.

Then I posted this one, and it did much better. As you can see, this one got 111 shares in a few hours. It took off! And I’m not sure why Facebook didn’t show the likes immediately, sometimes not all the data shows up, not sure why, but again it doesn’t really matter, because I understood what was happening, this one was working for me. It reached over 2,500 people fast because people were emotionally engaged and got all excited about Netanyahu’s speech. So they wanted to share the post to their friends to show their support.

So, what did I do? Did I want to boost the first post with Netanyahu’s face on it? Heck no! I boosted the second post with the eagle on it, because that’s the one which people liked. So I paid Facebook to promote it. And here’s what happened by spending only $5.

In just a short period of several hours, I got 423 likes and 23 comments! That’s pretty good. Again not sure why shares are showing up here, but it doesn’t matter. You can see all your results in your ad campaign reports will you drill down. These numbers below the image are just a summary anyway. But I was getting likes on my post and a few likes on my actual
fanpage, and well over a hundred shares. So my goal of collecting more fans was being accomplished, and I was only spending $5. This works because I tested the two image posts to my existing fanpage, and found out the eagle one performed better. Then I boosted it as a promoted post to my target demographic, which we discussed earlier, was middle-aged men in the U.S. who’s interest category was John Hagee. That’s it. I displayed my eagle post to Hagee’s fans. And it worked like a charm.

Facebook doesn’t tell us exactly how their newsfeed works, and they probably never will. They’ll always keep tweaking it like Google I suppose. But so what. Here’s what you need to focus on: Likes on your fanpage, Shares on your posts, and Comments on your posts. Sure, you’ll get plenty of likes on your posts too, but those just happen as a side-effect and don’t accurately reflect the true size of your fanbase or audience.

The key is to try and get people to like your fanpage and not just your content. Then when you publish a new post, Facebook is more likely to show your post to the folks who have liked your actual fanpage versus someone who just like one post.

Also, I’m pretty sure people who have shared your posts may also see your next post, because Facebook considers ‘sharing’ a better indication of true engagement rather than just a ‘like.’ And, keep in mind that if someone liked your fanpage a year ago, and hasn’t visited or interacted with your content since, then they probably are not even seeing your content anymore. Kinda sucks, but that’s the way it’s working, and Facebook controls that. So, even fanpages which get a large fanbase, still need to be spending a small budget just to acquire new likes and new fans. Because recent fans and engaging fans are who see your posts. And it’s your newest fans which are the most likely to engage anyway. And some will stick around staying engaged for a long time, but this percentage is low, so just understand that, and always keep growing your fanbase.

Also, one cool trick here is to message the people who just liked your post and ask them to also like your page. I have found this works pretty well. Because I try to message them fast, most of them are still on facebook and remember the post, so they go ahead and like my page. And that is what I’m really after here, which is getting them to like my page. That way they will get my next posts, and are added to my fanbase.

If you click on notifications Facebook will sometimes (not always and not sure why) give you the clickable names of the people who just liked your post. Sometimes, you can only see a partial list or a name that won’t hover, and I think that’s because it’s too distant from me. But there is a lot of people I can hover over, even the ’30 others’ in the drop down list and I can see their profiles. So I like to message them right away. Even though I’m usually not friends with these people, facebook still lets me message them. But this usually only works for a short while, and if you wait too long, the notification period may be over and then you can’t see who liked your post. So I try to respond the same day I run my ad. And I say something like: “Hey Jim, thanks for likeing my ‘whatever post.’ Would you do me a quick favor and like my page? (insert fanpage url) Thanks!” And that’s it. I keep it short and simple, and pick up a lot of extra likes to my fanpage this way.

Ok, so back to my Israel current events example. I didn’t have to promote something about Obama to a bunch of people who’s interest was ‘republican’ or ‘democrate’ or whatever, and get mediocre to lousy results. Instead, I used a real-time current event in the news Netanyahu speech and tapped into an emotional high targeted to another guys’ facebook fans, i.e. John Hagee. This definitely works, especially the more real-time you can be with your current event or story or celebrity gossip etc. And you can do this in almost any niche. I’ve done it with Forex Queen, TechCrunch, OneRepublic, Bill O’Riley, Jon Stewart, Krazy Coupon Lady, Dr. Oz, QuickSprout, etc. As you can see I build lists in several niches and focus on affiliate products in IM, MLM, Trading, Weight Loss, Tech products, etc.

This report is not really about list building, but yes I have websites in my niches which correspond to my Facebook fanpages so I can build email lists. And yes I use Facebook software and WordPress software and list building software; but that’s beyond our focus right now.

Learn how to do these promoted posts, and build your fanbase first, then you can add tools and websites to make it even better. It’s also worth mentioning that a couple of my Facebook fanpages don’t have a corresponding website. I just make a post about a JVZoo or Clickbank product every once in a while, mixed in with normal content posts. I use the pretty links plugin to disguise the link for the offers, but not for regular posts because it doesn’t matter. I try to use emotionally engaging or funny posts. I use videos and memes for normal content posts to keep people commenting and sharing. And, especially in a new fanpage when I’m building up the fanbase, I promote lots of effective posts to grow the audience.

I’ve found it’s easier to manage facebook fanpages than websites. It’s less work, but it is still work. But it can be fun and rewarding, especially once you’ve really pin-pointed your exact audience and are getting new fans quickly. Fanpages always need new fans because people get bored and many even forget about the page. But that’s normal, so don’t let it worry you. Just keep your budget disciplined yet small for promoting posts, and make sure you’ve got good enough high ticket offers to promote. That way, even just a few sales makes you profitable.

Also, in case you’re wondering about the $5 ad. Facebook always suggest $20 as the minimum, but you can just delete that and type in 5, and it works. I always start with $5, and then when I get results I like, I’ll boost it spending a little more. I’ve spent hundreds even thousands on some ads which are top performers for me. Still, I don’t get too greedy and try to saturate the target market as I explained before. I just keep the evergreen campaign going, and enjoy the profits trickling in.


So, in summary, if you make your fanpage relevant to your niche, post emotionally engaging content, and boost the best posts using an interest category of a competitor page or famous personality in that niche, you can legally steal fans for your page and grow likes and shares quickly. Especially in the beginning, try to invite people to like your page with individual messages and you’ll get better results.

You don’t have to spend a lot on ads to get fans if you understand what/who your target audience likes. Spend time planning and experimenting with this, and you’ll see results. Then spend more on your best producing posts, especially if you can create one that’s evergreen. So build up one fanpage, and start monetizing it with occasional product offers mixed in with the regular content. Then build another fanpage in another niche and repeat the process. Before you know it, you can have a little fanpage empire going just using approved Facebook methods of promoting posts.